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As a collector of whatever kind of music you prefer it's always a crucial point how to store the valuable music in the best way. Therefore I decided to make an introduction to how to buy the best recording equipment for your collection.

Cassette deck

Old but still convenient to use. Skip the old dolby B and C decks and buy a Dolby S instead. The quality of the noise reduction system is actually very impressive. The sound quality can't really be compared to the other media types below, but it is a clear improvement to the older noise reductions systems. Still the greatest thing with this format is the compatibility.

CD-recorder (CD-ROM and CD-RW for Hi-fi use)

This is the best and most expensive way to store your music without using professional recorders or complicated PC programs. It's important to realize the difference between a CD-R (CD-RW) for Audio and for data (PC, see below more info). You can actually do the same thing with both, as well as using the same recording CD:s (marked for Music use only), but the sound quality and general quality is slightly better in advantage of CD-R (CD-RW) for Audio than in a CD burner in PC.

The main reason to this is the use of higher standard of the parts inside the full-size (435 mm) CD-recorder compared to a CD burner for PC. Also the connection with the signalcables between the CR-recorder and your amplifier gives you several different ways to connect (RCA, Coaxial) that even more improve the quality compared to the original RCA contacts that are included when you buy the recorder. To put some extra money on other cables then the ones included is well worth the money when such a buy clearly improve the firmness of the bass treble as well as the stereoperspective.

Recommended CR-recorders:

Recommended signalcables:

  • Low Hi-fi budget: Monster cable
  • Mid Hi-fi budget: Kimber

CD burner (CR-R and CD-RW for PC)

Most people today own a CD burner. They are cheap, small, fast and the result is very good. Compared to the CD-recorder a CD burner for PC doesn't reach the same level, even though the differences aren't that much. If you don't have extreme quality standard desires this is the best choice for you.

A new interesting burner from high standard recording media company TDK gives you by a new technique the possibilities to record 2 GB (whole CD 6 min) instead of 650 or 750 MB on a special disc by record in several layers. The not so good thing is of course the lack of compabililty.1)

Recommended CR burners:

DAT A fantastic recording device, but only for professionals and sound freaks. You can buy a portable DAT and by using a high standard stereo microphone you got a outstanding recorder of the highest class of sound. The less impressive features is the very high price and the obvious lack of compatibility.

More info (

DVD Recorder

This magnificent recorder will take over after the VHS recorders as the recording source of tomorrow. Today they are also affordable, the cheapest can actually be yours for about only 300€. It gives perfect digital picture and sound quality and in fact incorporates, VHS, CD-R, MD, Cassette deck and DAT in one piece, just amazing.

Recommended DVD recorders:

MD A perfect and cheap system with a small disc in a plastic box that makes almost an exact digital copy. The only problem might be the compatibility despite the fact that more people buys it. Especially in Japan MD is very popular. Its biggest advantage besides the sound is its perfect storage possibilities as it takes no place, a dream for every Japanese family.


This is maybe a surprise to most people that I write about a video to be used as a recording device for music storage. In fact the quality is indeed very high, much better then a cassetterecorder but a bit under the CD recorder, DAT or MD. Important the note is that it's only the more expensive VCR s ($100 and more) with Nicam Hi-Fi stereo that are interesting in this case. Also you have to use the most exclusive tapes, like TDK E-HG for Hi-Fi or similar the reach optimal result. This is definitely a competitive recorder and by using Nicam digital Stereo technique the most exclusive video recorders out there and indeed a strong opponent. A big advantage is of course that it can be used both for sound and pictures! However In 5 to 10 years DVD recorders will take over this market completely.

Recommended Video recorders:

1) PC för alla mars 2002

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