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Most wanted presents a list of things all the way from pictures to music that I'm looking for. If you got anything on the list or simply want to trade in Mp3 please look on my my assorted list and see what i got.


1) The incredible Canadian girl Candela with the best track ever made "Love you madly" on her mind.

2) Pictures of the artists mentioned on Patriks Soul Funk Special.


1) The article in Billboard magazine in 86 or 87 about Jacques Fred Petrus.

2) Any article of groups or producers mentioned here in any laguage.

Concert experience

I you have been on a concert with one or more of the artists that are presented here, please contact me. I'm interesting in scanned tickets, posters, concert dates and places.

Write to:

Trading rules!

My 7", 12" and LP versions (see my assorted list) are from original vinyls and CDs or CD-, MD- or Mp3 copies and are generally in high quality or very high quality and I expect you're collection is in the same condition. Note that records that are ruined, even in a small extent because of having been played with a broken pickup or uncautious handling with media will not be accepted in any trade. I only trade if you got any of the tracks mentioned beneath. I do not trade unknown tracks. But if you think you got something that might be of interest you're welcome to send a sample in Mp3 format via mail. If so, I appreciate if you let me know before you do that. Once again make sure your collection is in highest sound quality possible!

Trading is best done via the excellent service: or via a FTP account. If you find anything interesting, please feel free to send a email to:

Artist - Title
(in alphabetic order)

Most wanted music list 2009


Ayers, Roy -
We live in Brooklyn, baby
Ball, Kim - Sweet delight 12"
Broad street band Work your body 12"
Brown, Carla - Love's calling 12"
Charles, Sonny Can't get enough (LP version)
Cool runners - Checking out 12"
Edwards, Idiater - Loving sweet devotions (instrumental)

Ford, Penny - Feel the music

Halloween - Do it like you mean it
Hardcastle, Paul - Neunzehn
McGloiry Michael - Love every inch of me 12"

Maxwell - Ascension (Don't ever wonder) 12"

Moore, Melba - It's really love LP or 12" version

Second image - Special lady 12" och LP version

Shangri Lah - I'm a live
Skool boyz - I don't want anybody else 12"
Take three - This good good feeling 12" or LP version

Touchdown - Ease your mind long 12" version
TS Monk - Can't keep my hands to myself 12" 4:00 +
Valentine brothers - No better love 12"
White, Ben - I would have to be a fool 12"

+ all 7" and LP versions in 12" on my assorted list


Amra - All albums (Most wanted)
Broom, Bobby - All albums 1983-1985
Cheatham, Oliver - All albums
Colors - All albums
Ferguson, Zack - Sad to be lonely
Jackson, Shawn - All albums
Jesse's gang - 1987 album
Haywood, Leon - All albums 1981-1982
Intrigue - All albums
Kadenza - All albums (Most wanted)
Kazu Matsui project - 1983 album (Most wanted)
Klaps - All albums (Most wanted)
Komiko - All albums and 12"

Shabazz - 1989 album
Second image - all albums
Surface - All albums except 1986 and after
Temper - All albums and 12" version (except "No favors")
Unique - All albums (Most wanted)
Wynd chymes - All albums except 1982