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We all have tracks on tape that we haven't got an idea of what it is, and that's not a little frustration, it´s a big one ;) So therefore I decided to launch unknown missiles up in the mighty sky for you to maybe recognize.

So click on the links and listen. You need a player that reads mp3 files. And if you find out what it is let me know by sending me an email to:




"Prisoner" by H.B. Concept, but what year etc? (3 270 kb 40 kbps 1:54 minutes) Note: VIDEO file, right click to save!



Unknown boogie track (450 kb 48 kbps 0:28 minutes) SOLVED: Starbound with their Been Thinkin' About You. This was their very first release on Starbound records.



Unknown modern soul track (3.96 Mb kb 128 kbps 4:18 minutes, complete track) SOLVED Paul Hardcastle & the Jazzmasters – Still Thinking from the album Jazzmasters III from 1999