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Music is something BIG and I hope that after a visit here you hopefully found something both for ya body and soul (deep stuff man ;)

My first real music memory was way back in time, when I was five-six years old and stood in front of a mirror and sang "---I wanna be a cowboy---" and with the help of a tennis racket played guitar, incredible! what a feeling! and I still remember it today even though the feeling has fade a little.

Next step was community musicradio with astonishing programs that Jocke B, Mangan S, Tommy T and many more people produced. The music was incredibly good and the DJ:s were in the same class. Well, what can one say, these were the times. Sometimes the old cassettes are used again, with all the knockout music grooves!!

Many tracks played back then were never bought because I couldn't afford them. And when you actually did have a few pence over they were all gone in the record shop. But thanks to Napster and gemm most of them have been found today after so many years. The song that took the longest time to get was the 12" version of Vaughan Masons incredible song "You can do it" from 82. First time I heard it was back in 82 on "Discolistan", a Swedish disco chart on a local station Disco 91.

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