After working with Mtume (see Mtume's full biography here) until their last album in 1986 Tawatha wanted a solo career and released the album "Welcome to my dream" in 1987. She was solo, but just in one way, because James and the band from 86 participated on the album like everything was like in the old days. To give this even more meaning James Mtume can be seen on the backcover holding Tawatha passionately. A picture that says more than one thing about how "Mtume like" this production actually was. All this very natural of course after so many years together.

The debut was produced and directed by James Mtume and most of the songs could easily fit on any Mtume album because of the great similarities especially on the last three ones. In fact one can say that In many ways the album can be considered as the sixth Mtume release.

Even though the set didn't quite lift it self over the average level on the fast tracks it was on the mid and slow tempo ones Tawatha really showed her full potential. With an mysterious and esoteric voice, hard to really comprehend and with an immense inner ability that's she's holding back from a spiritual eruption she fully possesses a divine power that she never fully reveals for the humans, that would simply have been too much to embrace. On side A the audience first meet "Thigh ride" written by James and Tawatha with so much similarities to Mtume's last album in 86 that you might wonder if it's actually not that album you are listening to. The track is a splendid mid tempo one that Tawatha, as always with her hypnotic voice makes go even higher. Also slow and dream-a-way "Did I dream you" and "Love shine" is well worth a closer attention. Once again is it Mtume's 86 album or what?

Side A is as convincing as side B with a nice mix all together. First track out on side B is the two danceable tracks of catchy " Are you serious", and decent "More then before". After these two we meet the two maybe best tracks on her album, the mid tempo "The waiting's over" with a strong melody and clear deep drumbeat following the track and together with Ed Moore's well balanced use of his guitar and the marvelous gospel influenced ballad "No more tears" featuring a sensitive saxsolo by Vincent Henry (ex Change member). The lyrics all in all are a little bit deeper than most artists writing, which is appreciated!

This album is a must-have for any Mtume fans because it's so much Mtume feeling over it and most tracks, if not all could easily fit any late Mtume album. It is sensitive, sensual and full of moments with the women with the best voice ever heard. Tawatha is a joy to her and you always wants more of her. This album gives you a great part of that and I give it four out of five stars

(Patrik Andersson)

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Welcome to my dream

Welcome to my dream

1987 (LP & CD)
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