Network - I need you 1984

Side one

1. Jennie (4:40) (Howard King - Kevin Robinson)

2. Pump it up (6:23) (Howard King - Kevin Robinson)

3. Cover girl (6:32) (Howard King - Kevin Robinson - Kevin Grady)

Side two

4. I need you (5:00) (Kenny Hairston)

5. Hard to give it up (5:32) (Greg Brown - Kevin Allen)

6. Why you wanna treat me like that (7:17) (Howard King - Kevin Robinson)

Produced by Howard King & Kevin Robinson


Drums: Howard King
Bass: Raymond Jackson
Guitars: Kevin Robinson
Keyboards: Kenny Hairston, Howard King, Scott Yarney

Lead vocals:

Kenny Washington - Jennie, I need you,
Why you wanna treat me like that
Kevin Allen - Pump it up & - Hard to give it up
Johnny Kemp - Cover girl

Mix at Tape studios, New York
Recorded at 39th Street studios, New York
Orginal sleeve design Ruud van Giezen

Rams horn records B.V. Printed in Holland.

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