Mtume - Theater of the mind 1986

Side one

1. Theme for theather of the mind (2:14) (By J. Mtume)

2. P.O.P. generation (4:01) (By J. Mtume)

3. Breathless (4:44) (By J. Mtume)

4. I don't belive you heard me (A tribute to James Brown) (4:12) (J. Mtume - E. Moore - R. Parker)

5. Body & soul (take me) (4:33) (By J. Mtume)

Side two

6. New face deli (5:56) (By J. Mtume - W. Collins)

7. I'd rather be with you (4:44) (By W. Collins - G. Cooper - G. Clinton)

8. Deep freeze (rap-a-song) part I (6:28) (By J. Mtume/Rap Dr. Jeckyll & Mr Hyde)

9. Deep freeze (three's thing) part II (2:27) (By J. Mtume - E. Moore)

Produced by James Mtume
Executive producer: Cecil Holmes

The cast:

James Mtume - lead and background vocals, keyboards
- lead and background vocals, keyboards
Philip Field
- keyboard, vocals
Raymond Jackson
- bass, vocals

Additional cast members:

Ed "Tree" Moore - Lead and rhythm guitars
Vincent Henry - Saxophone
Roger Parker - Drums
William "Bootsy" Collins - Spacebass, keyboards, vocals
Gary "Mudbone" Cooper - Vocals
Curt Jones - Vocals
Clarence "Binky" Brice - Guitar
Jabali (Billy Hart) - Percussion
David Frank - Keyboards
Razor sharp - Keyboards
Tyrone Brunson - Vocals, vibes
Steve "Bam" Becker - Drum
Clive Smith - Fairlight programming and unlimited imagination
Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde - Rap on "Deep freeze"

Recorded by Dace Dachinger and J. Vicari at All star
sound studio, Bloomfield, NJ.
Mixed by by Dave Danchinger at All star sound studio,
Bloomfield, NJ.
Assistent engineer: Bryan Bannon

Epic records. Printed in USA

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