Mtume - You me and he 1984

Side one

1. C. O. D. (I'll deliver) (4:00) (By J. Mtume - Tawatha)

2. You are my sunshine (4:24) (By J. Mtume - P. Fields)

3. You me and he (4:23) (By J. Mtume)

4. I simply like (5:03) (J. Mtume - R. Jackson)

Side two

5. Prime time (5:45) (By N. Dozier - R. Jackson)

6. Tie me up (5:18) (By J. Mtume . A. Heath)

7. Sweet for you and me (5:23) (Monogam mix)

8. To be or not to bop that is the question (whether we funk or not) (5:03) (J. Mtume - R. Jackson - P. Fields)

Produced by James Mtume for Mtume - Lucas production
Executive producer: Cecil Holmes

The band:

Mtume - Lead vocals, Keyboards, background vocals
- Lead vocals, guitar, background cocals
Philip Field - Keyboards, background vocals
Raymond Jackson - Bass, guitar, sythesizer, background vocals

Sitting in (in crowd)

Drums - Steve "Bam" Becker
Guitars - Clarence "Binky" Brice, Curt Jones, Kevin Robinson
Synthesizer - David Frank, Bernie Worel, Dunn Pearson
Horn section - Jimmy Heath, Stan Harrison, Frank Elmo
Sax solos - Sony Fortune - "To be or not to bop...", "You me and he"
Vincent Henry - "You are my sunshine"
Guitar solo - Ed "Tree" Moore - "I simply like"
Rhythm guitar: Ira Siegal
Background vocals - Gary "Bone" Cooper, Kevin Robinson, Curt Jones
Scratch attack - Angel Colon and Kirth Alkin (alias Mr. Speed and Monster man)
of the sinister 5 David Frank appears courtesy of Mirage records

Recorded at E. A. R. S. (eastern artist recording studio), NJ

Engineered and mixed by: David Dachinger except "Sweet for you and me" remixed by Scott Folks and Reggie Thompson.
Assistant: Tom Vercillo

Additional recording: All star sound studio by Jay Vicari

This album is dedicated to Thelonius Monk, Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye.

Special thanks to all the involved (you know how you are), especially T.C. Thompkins, spirutal advisor and cosmic guru (Vernon Slaughter), Diane Stout, Larkin Arnold, Cecil Holmes, all the people at Neil's place, Anette, Darlene, Jill, Bisa and George Weiss.

Super special thanks to everybody who buys this record.

Epic records. Printed in USA

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