Mtume - Juicy fruit 1983

Side one

1. Green light (5:18) (By J. Mtume - P. Fields - D. Cannon)

2. Juicy fruit (6:00) (By J. Mtume)

3. Hips (5:44) (By P. Fields - D. Cannon)

4. Would you like to (fool around) (3:37) (J. Mtume - R. Lucas)

Side two

5. Your love's to good (to spread around) (4:47) (By N. Dozier - N. Chancler - R. Andrews)

6. Hip dip skippedabeat (5:08) (By J. Mtume - D. Davis - D. Forman)

7. Ready for your love (3:55) (P. Fields - R. Sirois)

8. The after 6 mix (juicy fruit part II) (3:21) (J. Mtume)

Produced by James Mtume for Mtume - Lucas productions
Executive producer: Larkin Arnold


James Mtume
Philip Field
Ray Johnson

Guest list:

Barry Eastman: Keyboards
Michael Murphy: Guitar
David Frank: Guitar
Bernie Worell: Keyboards
Kevin Robinson: Guitar
Fred Jackson: Vocal
Gary Bartz: Sax solo

Michael Murphy and David Frank appears
courtesy of Mirage records

Recorded and mixed at E.A.R.S.
Recording studio, New Jersey
Engineer: Andy C. Wallace
Mixed by: James Dougherty
Assistant engineers: Sam Natoli,
Tom Zepp, Marc Marseglia

Mastered at A&M studios, Los Angeles, CA
by Bernie Grundman

Special thanks:
Larkin Arnold, Cecil Holmes,
Diane Stout, Scott Folks, Vernon
Slaughter, Derrick McDowell, Andre
Perry, Reggie Lucas, Julie at E.A.R.S.

The game is being the best at what you do.
The trick is finding out what you do best.

Epic records. Printed in USA

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