Mtume - In search of the rainbow seekers 1980

Side one

1. Give it on up (if you want to) (6:40) (By King - Moore - Tawatha)

2. You can't wait for love (4:52) (By Lucas - Mtume)

3. She's a rainbow dancer (4:56) (By Lucas - Mtume)

4. We're gonna make it this time (4:56) (By Lucas - Mtume)

5. Dance around my navel (doesn't have to make sense, just cents) (1:59) (By Fearrington - King - Spence)

Side two

6. So you wanna be a star (5:16) (By Fearrington - Lucas - Mtume)

7. Spirit of the dance (4:18) (By Eaves - Tawatha)

8. Anticipation' (4:22) (By Lucas - Mtume)

9. Everything good to me (4:08) (By Lucas - Mtume)

10. Mrs Sippi (3:41) (By Lucas - Moore - Mtume)

Produced by James Mtume & Reggie Lucas for Mtume / Lucas productions


"Sazhab". Basil Fearington: Bass
"Mighty T". Tawatha: Lead vovals and background
"Funky child". Hubert Eaves: Keyboards
"Dollar Bill". Reggie Lucas: Lead & rhythm guitar, background vocals
"Mindbender". Mtume: Lead and background vocals, keyboards, congas
"Locksmith". Howard King: Drums, background vocals

Epic records. Printed in USA

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