Mantra - Mantra 1981

Side one

1. Doin' it to the bone (5:56) (By James Greathouse) [Sample]

2. Promise me (4:55) (By Anthony Lockett/Larry Blackmon)

3. Action (6:14) (By Anthony Lockett/Larry Blackmon) [Sample]

Side two

4. Boogie just to boogie (4:26) (By Larry Blackmon) [Sample]

5. Here we come (6:30) (By Anthony Lockett/Larry Blackmon) [Sample]

6. Do you wanna (5:50) (By Anthony Lockett/Larry Blackmon) [Sample]

7. Let's stay together (4:02) (By Anthony Lockett/Larry Blackmon)

Produced by By Larry Blackmon and Anthony Lockett for New York city players, Inc.


Roger Harris
lead vocals
Paul Drennan
guitar and background vocals
Kenny Burch
keyboards and background vocals
Eric Alexander
bass guitar and background vocals
Bobby Lovelace
David Webber
trumpet, keyboards and background vocals
Henry Cleveland
trombone, keyboards and background vocals

Additional musicians:

David Philbrick, alto sax on
Here we come and Do you wanna/
Mike Cammeron, congas on Here
we come/The Titty brothers,
trumpet and tenor sax on Action/
Thomas "T.C." Cambell, prophet
synthesizer on Let's stay together,
mini-moog on Here we come and
Do you wanna, piano on Promise
me/Gregory Johnson, mini-moog
and prophet synthesizer on
Doin' to the bone

All tunes arranged by L.B. and
Anthony Lockett

Recorded at Bee Jay studios,
Orlando, Fl.

Engineer: Bill Wermillion

All songs recorded at Be Jay
and mixed by L.B. and Vermillion
exceptlead vocals on Promise me
recorded at H&L studios,
Englewood cliffs, N.J., Engineer:
Steve Jerome, Boogie just to
boogie and Doin' it to the bone
mixed at H&L by L.B. and Steve
Jerome. Promise me and Action
mixed at Devonshire sound,
N. Hollywod, Ca.; Engineer: Mike
Mancini. Mixed by L.B. and
Mike Mancini

Special thanks to:
Eric Schabacker, L.B., Anthony
Lockett, Tom Bartfield, Vicki
Wickham, Sheila Eldrigde, Nic
Caciappo, J.R. Smalling and
New York city players staff.
Thanks to Super mouse - without
whom none of this would have
been possible - and the staff of
Disney world - Bob Cross, Bobbi
Colquitt & Sonny Anderson. Cecil
Holmes, J.R., Jay Willingham &
Mike Warr - and our parents who
gave us inspiration by saying
"get a job"...

Printed in US on Casablanca records 1981

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