Dayton - This time 1985

Side one

1. Ordinary girl (4:56) (R.P. Harris Jr - D.S. Sandridge)

2. I've got me (somebody to love) (4:07) (R. Harris Jr - P. Thompson)

3. This love will last (4:09) (R.P. Harris Jr)

4. Nobody else (4:09) (R.P. Harris Jr - M. Harris)

Side two

5. Hang out (4:06) (D.S. Sandridge - R.P. Harris Jr - J. Williams)

6. This time (4:57) (R.P. Harris Jr - Z.R. Harris)

7. Coming to get my love (4:58) (R.P. Harris Jr - D.S. Sandridge)

8. You should be dancin' (3.58) (R.P. Harris Jr - C. Jones)

Produced and arranged by Rahni P. Harris Jr. for Force productions

Co-produced by David Cole and David Shawn Sandridge

Recorded by:

Dale "Smithy" Smith
- Counterpart creative studios,
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ron Scalise and
Jonathan Freed
- The 19, South Glastonbury,
David Cole
- Capitol records studio
Eric Matthew
- Eric Matthew studios

Mixed by:

David Cole
- Capitol records studio
Assisted by Gary Hollis
- Eldorado recording studio
Assisted by Carmen Rizzo

Mastered by:

Wally Traugott
- Capitol records studio
Synthesizer programming:
Wes Boatman

Dayton is:

David Shawn Sandridge: Lead & rhythm guitar, background vocals
Chris Jones: Background vocals, percussion
Kevin Hurt: Drums, percussion
Rachel Beavers: Background vocals
Elaine Terri: Lead and background vocals
Rahni Harris: Lead vocals and background vocals,
acoustic piano, synthesizer, Fairlight CMI, linn drums

Additional musicians:

Drum overdubs, "This time"
- Gary Malaber; Alto sax,
"Nobody else" - Billy Hollaman;
Drum overdubs, "Nobody else"
- Zackery Harris

Additional background vocals:

Scott White III, Tony Davis,
Jeanie Walker, Tiffany Sandridge,
Jerry Bowie.

Production coordinator:

Debbie Sandridge

Management and direction:

Debbie Sandridge for
'Abra-Ka-Dabra Management.

A very special thanks to our
families: Tiffany, Louise, Jason
and T.C.; Chance and Minnie,
Knisha and Jaunida, Pee Wee,
Pumpkin, Tawana and Regina,
Joya, Candi and Christi, Aunt
Irene and Verneda; Percy and
Helena; Evelyn and Jane; and
special, special thanks to
Lunda, Diana and Jackie for
olympic endurance!

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