Dayton - Feel the music 1983

Side one

1. The sound of music (5:38) (Rahni P. Harris II - Debbie Sandridge)

2. It must be love (4:04) (Rahni P. Harris II - Debbie Sandridge)

3. Out tonight (4:56) (Rahni P. Harris II - Debbie Sandridge - Shawn Sandridge)

4. So what (4:57) (Rahni P. Harris II)

Side two

5. Love you anyway* (4:25) (Roger Troutman - Larry Troutman)

6. Caught in the middle (4:40) (Rahni P. Harris II - Debbie Sandridge)

7. Eyes (4:11) (Rahni P. Harris II)

8. Promise me (4:02) (Rahni P. Harris II - Karen Harris Chappell -
Rachel Beavers - Cecil Powell)

9. Lookin' up (3:54) (Rahni P. Harris II - Karen Harris Chappell)

Produced for Force productions by Rahni P. Harris Jr.
in association with David Shawn Sandridge

* Produced by Roger Troutman for Troutman productions, Inc.

Executive producer: Steve Bukley

All music and vocals arranged by: Rahni P. Harris Jr
Recorded at Counterpart studios, Cincinnati, Ohio
by Dale Smith; Golden sound studios, Hollowood, California
by Robert Biles; Baby 'O recorders, Hollywood, CA by
The nineteen recording studio, South Glastonbury,
Conneticut by Ron Scalise
Mix at Mediasound, New York, New York by Mike Barbiero
Assistant engineer: Greg Mann
Mastered at Capitol recordes by Wally Traugott

Dayton is:

Shawn Sandridge: Lead & rhythm guitar, moog, OBX-a,
background vocals, lead vocal on Roland vocoder -
"The sound of music"

Chris Jones: Lead vocals on "Out tonight", background
vocals, percussion
Rahni Harris: Lead vocals, background vocals, OBX-a,
prophet, mini moog, korg poly six, arp omni, horner D 6
clavinet, acoustic piano, fener rhodes, Hammond B 3 organ,
Roland vocoder, Rhythm guitar - "Out tonight", steel drums,
vibes, chimes
Kevin Hurt: Drums, percussion
Rachel Beavers: Background vocals
Karen Harris Chappell: Lead vocals - "Lookin' up",
"Promise me", background vocals

Additional musicians:

Doug Wimbish (bass guitar), Orta Stokes (saxophone),
Doug Simon (Guitar - "So what"), Zachery Harris
(drums - "Promise me"), Wes Boatman (prophet 5),
Lester Troutman (drums), Larry Troutman (congo-percussion),
Zapp Troutman (bass), Roger Troutman (bass, keyboards,
lead & rhythm guitars)

Additional background vocals:

Terri Sandridge, Scott A. White III, Billy Beck, Larry Hatcher,
Roger Troutman, Bobby Glover

Personal management: Debbie Sandridge

"We (DAYTON) thank God for providing this oppertunity
which enable us to share our musicwith the world." Also
we extend out very special thanks to the following: Jim Mazza,
Varnell Johnson, Steve Bukley, Don Grierson, Mark Berger,
Rusty Moody, Ronnie Jones, Cheryl Dickerson, Louelle
Thomas Dright, Jude Henderschott, Reve Gipson, C.C. Evans,
Steve Ellis, Terry and Tiffany Sandridge, Jeff Froelich, Shad
O'Shea, Cindy Webster, Irene Smith, Ken and Ric Blum,
Jackie Jones, Ollie Watkins, Lankford Stephens, Dwight
Washington, Lance Harris, Jason Jones, Bill and Verneda
Sandridge, Fay and Candi Williams, Linda, Chancellor and
Minnie Harris, Tiffany Chappell, Louisa Jones, Diana Gilbert,
Roddie Evans, Leroy McLemore, Bryan White, Kenny Wynn,
David Beavers, Amanda Kelly, Willie "Please" Jackson, Brian
and Eric Webster, Evelyn McDougal, all the people of Greater
work ministries, Mary Harris

Printed in US on Capitol records 1983

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