Dayton - Hot fun 1982

Side one

1. Hot fun in the summertime (5:27) (S. Stewart)

2. We can't miss (4:47) (R. Harris Jr. - C. Jones - S. Sandridge)

3. Patiently (5:34) (R. Harris Jr. - S. Sandridge - D. Sandridge)

4. Krackity krack (5:35) (R. Harris Jr. - T. Currier - S. Sandridge - W. Collins)

Side two

5. Meet the man (5:52) (R. Harris Jr. - D. Sandridge)

6. Gunch (5:19) (A. Bayyan - T. Currier - S. Sandridge - J. Matthews -
E- Rodgers)

7. Never repay your love (4:39) (T. Harrington)

8. Movin' up (4:59) (R. Harris Jr. - C. Jones - S. Sandridge)

9. Movin' up (reprise) (0:40) (R. Harris Jr. - C. Jones - S. Sandridge)

Produced and arranged for Force productions by Rahni P. Harris,
David Shawn Sandridge and Ted Currier

Executive producer: Ted Currier and Debbie Sandridge

Engineered by: Ric Probst, Dale Smith, Rahni P. Harris Jr
Assistant engineer:Wes Boatman
Synthesizers programmed by: Wes Boatman
Recorded at counterpart creative studio, Cincinnati, Ohio
Additional recording at A&R recording studio, New York, New York
Personal managment: Debbie Sandridge

Dayton is:

Shawn Sandridge: Lead guitar, lead & background vocals,
oberheim, special effects, clavinet, talk-box, mcog
Chris Jones: Lead & background vocals, percussion, clavinet
Kevin Hurt: Drums, percussion, background vocals
Craig E. Robinson: Rhythm guitar, bass guitar ("Meet the man"),
percussion, lead & background vocals
Jennifer Matthews: Lead & background vocals
Rachel Beavers: Background vocals
Justin Gresham: Background vocals, fender rhodes
Michael Dunlop: Bass guitar ("We can't miss")
Evan Rodgers: Lead and backgrond vocals

Special guests:

William "Bootsy" Collins appears through the courtesy of Warner Bros. records ("Krackity-krack")

Additional musicians:

Rahni P. Harris Jr. - Lead and background vocals, bass guitar ("Patiently"), oberheim, mini mog, prophet arp omni, arp pro soloist, clavinet, fender rhodes, acustic piano, merimba, percussion


Mike Andres - Saxophone ("Movin up")
Vince Andrews - Tenor & alto saxophone
Frank Brown - Trumpet ("Movin' up")
Garry Garney - Trombone
Mark Greenwood - Trombone
Paul R. Piller - Trombone ("Movin' up")

Special thanks:

Jimm Mazza, Don Grierson, Ted Currier, Ronnie Jones, Joe Petrone, Jack Rynolds, Kathy Keep, Arlene Biedekapf, Allen Johnston, Ken Bolden, Ken Earl, Billy Hendrix, Michael White, Beau Huggins, Michelle Miller, Pat Montague, Julie Pado, Cherrie Sheperd, Dwight Washington, Turk Logan, Lankford Stephens, Wnkie Meadwows, Doug Vinzant, Bill & Verneda Sandridge, Tom Cromer, Terry & Tiffany Sandridge, Jason Jones, Zachery Linda & Chancellor Harris, Steve Beavers, Irene Smith, Sugar Pee-wee, Marshall & the kids, Ava & Anthony, Jaunida & Knisha and Tammy.

Art direction: Bill Burks
Album & logo design: Jonathan Louie
Illustation: Bill Reiser

Printed in US on Liberty records 1982

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