Dayton - Cutie pie 1981

Side one

1. Cutie pie (4:48) (S. Sandridge - C. Jones - D. Hummons)

2. One day or another (5:07) (D. Hummons - S. Sandridge - C. Jones)

3. You lift me up (4:13) (C. Willis - J. Williams - W. Beck - S. Sandridge)

4. Wanna be your man (3:58) (C. Jones - S. Sandridge - D. Hummons)

Side two

5. Body shaker (5:10) (D. Hummons - S. Sandridge - C. Jones)

6. Fool was here (4:47) (D. Hummons - S. Sandridge - C. Jones)

7. Let me know (5:25) (C. Jones - S. Sandridge - D. Hummons)

8. Piece of the rock (2:19) (S. Sandridge - C. Jones - W. Beck - J. Williams -
C. Willis)

Produced by David Shawn Sandridge for Force productions/Richard Goldman productions, Inc

Co-produced by Richard Goldman

Rhythm section arranged by Dean Hummons except "Cutie pie" and "Piece of the rock" arranged by Shawn Sandridge
Vocals arranged by Chris Jones
Engineered by: Garry Platt and Robin Jenney
Assistant engineer: Greg McNeiley
Recorded at: Fifth floor recording studios, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mastered by: Wally Traugott at Capitol studios
Personal management: Debbie Sandridge
Fashions: Harvey's 35 Salem mall
Mixed by: Richard Goldman, Robin Jenney, Shawn Sandridge


Shawn Sandridge: Guitar, lead and background vocals,
Chris Jones: Lead and background vocals, percussion,
Dean Hummons: Keyboards, synthesizers, percussion
Derrick Armstrong: Bass guitar
Jenny Duoglas: Lead and background vocals

Additional musicians

Drums and percussion: James "Diamond" Williams
(courtesy Elektra records)
Bass Guitar: Mike Sharfe
Synthesizer: Keith Harrison ("Cutie pie" and "Wanna be your man")
Synthesizer programmer: Wes Boatman
Saxophone: Vincent Andrews
Guitar and bass: "You lift me up" Clarence "Chet" Willis
(courtesy Elektra records)
Keyboards: On "You lift me up" Willy "Billy" Beck
Guitar: "C.B" Bowman
Drums: C.R. Parker "Body shaker"

Printed in US on Liberty records 1981

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