Dayton - Dayton 1980

Side one

1. Dank (3:48) (S. Sandridge - C. Jones - D. Hummons)

2. Eyes on you (6:44) (D. Hummons - C. Jones - S. Sandridge)

3. Let go (5:18) (C. Jones - D. Hummons - S. Sandridge)

3. Tonight (4:34) (C. Jones - D. Hummons - S. Sandridge)

Side two

4. Dayton (Jam) (5:35) (S. Sandridge - D. Hummons - C. Jones)

5. Livin' for today (5:15) (D. Hummons - C. Jones - S. Sandridge)

6. So glad (4:48) (C. Jones - S. Sandridge - D. Hummons)

6. Daytime friend (4:24) (C. Jones - S. Sandridge - D. Hummons)

Produced by Rich Goldman and David Shaw Sandridge for Richard Goldman productions Inc./Force productions Inc.

Recorded and mixed at 5th floor recording studios, Cincinatti, Ohio. Recording engineer: Gary Platt Mixed by: Gary Platt, Rich Goldman,
Shawn Sandridge Assistant engineer: Tom Robinson Master by: Larry Bodin, MCA/Whitney studios


Dean Hummons: mini moog, prophet 5, Oberheim syn., Arp syn., Fender rhodes, Horner D-6 clavinet, Hammond B-3 organ, Acoustic piano, Micro moog, Percussion
Chris Jones: Lead vocals, background vocal, Fender rhodes, Trumpet, Percussions
Shawn Sandridge: Lead and background vocals, Lead and rhythm guitars, Horner D-6 clavinet, Heil talkbox, Percussion
Derrick Armstrong: Bass, Background vocals
Jenny Douglas: Lead vocals, bacground vocals
John Hardin: Drums, Percussion

Additional musicians:

Vincent Andrews: Alto sax (solo on "Eyes on you")/Vini Dimartino: Trumpet (Solo on "Dank")/Mike Sharfe: Bass/Guy Remonko: Percussion on "Let go"/Michelle Himmel: Harp

Horn section:

Mike Campbell; Saxophone, Mike Arares; Saxophone, Ken Kappel; Trombone, Paul Piller; Trombone, Vince Dimartino; Trumpet, Jeff Park; Trumpet, Johm "Hampton" Wagner; Trumpet, John Gerber; French horn, Vince Andrews; Saxophone

String section:

Violin: Ron Kowieczka, Jim Braid, Denise Doolan, Larry Howard,
Lois Reid, Andy Zaplatynsky Cello: Susan Thornton, McLellan

String and horn arrangements:

Steve Roskins, Rick Goldman, Shawn Sandridge Vocal arrangements: Chris Jones/Dayton Concert master: Steve Hoskins Rhythm section arrangements: Houdini (Dean Hummons)

Dayton would like to thank the public for their support and a special thanks to the following:
Don Grierson, Varnell Johnson, Jack Shields, Debbie Sandridge, Carrol and Louisa Jones, Bill and Verneda Sandridge, Percy and Helene Reed, Elsa Douglas, Leedy Black, Irene Smalls, George and Bernice Armstrong, Eddie Thomas, Cheryl Dearborn, Ray Meaders, Turk Logan, Bonnie, Diana, Cindi Langsley, Gary "the wiz" Platt, Tom, the staff at 5th floor, the kids, Jason Jones, Terry and Tiffany Sandridge, united artists records, Ellie Goldman, Monte Morris, The crew, Roddy, Jimmy, Ant and C.C.

Printed in US on Liberty/United artists records 1980

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