Vladimir Cetkar - We will never end (2007)

A review by Patrik Andersson

Vladimir Cetkar - We will never endFrom Macedonia in Europe via Berklee college of music in Boston to NYC multi-talented Vladimir Cetkar has gone through quite a change and stands today as one of the more interesting names in the soul/jazz/funk genres.

His jazz debut album, "Live at the ohrid antique theater" received remarkable reviews among the jazz critics. The success has made him an in demand nightclub, international festival and jazz venues performer.

In late 2007 Cetkar released his second album "We will never end" and with the new album changing gear a bit. This time with a more danceable groove, inspired by 70s disco music (Italian Mauro Malavasi is one inspirer) with a lot of sweet strings and good melodies. Add to that Cetkar's masterful guitar play and passionate voice flavoured with jazz elements from George Benson best side and we got a winner. The polished and airy sound palette breathes freedom and liveliness and really makes you smile. The seven-track album comes in a luxurious and stylish package giving the mesmerizing music a perfect fit too.

The first four fast-paced tracks headed for the dance floor are similar in style but still offers a good variation. The enchanting "In the open space" is a masterpiece and the perhaps most addictive among the four, a clear hit!

Track five and six turns back to the music language from the first album with a refreshing and sensitive jazz sound. Cetkar's distinctive guitar play once again led the music right. The final track, a bonus track, is a danceable tribute to the modern dance music.

Cetkar delivers a strong album with an appealing and easy listening sound. It's perhaps not breaking any new ground but what it does is deliver a solid and modern album able to merge both jazz and pop/soul/funk elements in ways that can attract a broader audience beyond the otherwise sometimes narrow field of jazz.

Tracklist and samples...

1 We will never end Sample
2 In the open space Sample
3 Born for the screen Sample
4 All for you Sample
5 Soul splendor Sample
6 The magic hill of Lihnid Sample
7 Ocean of love (Bonus track) Sample