Rhyze - Rhyze to the top (1981)

A review by Patrik Andersson

Boogie Times from France continues with their splendid re-releases of classic soul and funk records on their own label, and what a great thing that is! This time it is the classic album "Rhyze to the top" with Rhyze from 1981 that caught my attention. As most albums out there it's hardly a solid album when it comes to the writing material but a couple of classics is to be found.

First out is the joyous and funky boogie title track that is probably the most known tune from the band. Three tracks that got a quite sad tone follows but catchy disco beat "Tonight's gonna be my night" cheer me up again. Oh, now comes "Having fun" the seconds most noted tune from the Rhyze. It's both happy in the song and the lyrics, good stuff. The last two numbers is rather boring.

So, if you don't have "Rhyze to the top" or "Having fun" catch this CD. The rest is more a collector's choice.

Patrik Andersson, February 2009

This CD can be bought on: www.boogie-times.fr