So funky (Spazzoid records) 2008

A review by Patrik Andersson

I've known NY:er James Reeno for a couple of years now and I know he is serious when it comes to funk a fact that has been proven many times on earlier releases from Spazziod records. His latest installment, the 12" "So funky", show that seriousness in the best of ways and perhaps even presenting his best goods so far!

First out is "Funkulation", funky but yet easy to listen to with an appealing flow mixing new and old skool elements together with a good result. Even funkier is the short "Halfmoon" that after a shy opening jump right in the sea of funk, bumpy and fresh. The last track on side A is the more modern "What planet are U from"?, a song not fully in my taste to be honest even thought that little playful synth loop immediately after the chorus and instrumental part after that is very nice!

Side B on this fresh 12" presents the title track that also is very modern mixing pop, garage and electro with a fairly good result. Once again I prefer Reeno playing the more old skool inspired funky tracks rather than trying to pic up the modern fast changing trends that so many already do. Keep it old bro! And that prayer turns real on the final track where Reeno deliver his very own version of Kool and the gangs classic "Summer madness" and he does is darn good! The mix is a convincingly solid and well-made achievement that never gets too pretentious or leave the essence of the original masterpiece really proving the skills of Reeno is someone thought otherwise. David Easton's lovely piano just adding that extra layer of pure satisfaction to it as well as giving the 12" the end it deserves.

"So Funky" is yet another interesting 12" from NY keeping the curiosity alive for more!

Patrik Andersson, August 2008

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