The funk is always here (Spazzoid records) 2006

A review by Patrik Andersson

It's not often you hear a retro style soul funk release these days that got that old touch of joy and infectious melodies.

Last year we had the opportunity to listen to one of those rare soul funk releases when Frenchman Thomas G released his well-produced debut CD-album. With a style similar to Kashif he showed a strong and well arranged line-up of melodic tracks, but as with Kashif, they perhaps are too polished, too similar. What ever you think about it, you have to go back 20 years to hear a better debut album!

And now in the early 2006 it's time again for the NYC bro "Reeno" to release his second 12" or mini-album. the first one came already in 2003 featuring some competent deep electro funk productions as "T-time".

The new stuff sounds as good mixing the old funk elements with both soul, jazz and R&B. Besides Reeno's own three tracks it features UK man Eddie Craig's amazing instrumental soul funk track "Funktime". It's definitely one of the best tracks I've heard in my life with great arrangements, an infectious melody and an over all retro styled mix impossible to resist, classic stuff indeed! Craig has written, arranged and performed the entire production with some additional help by Reeno as producer and editor.

Reeno's own productions got a good variety of sounds, but the deep late 70's and early 80s funk pattern are always the basic fundament of them all.

The 12" starts up with "I luv it", I modern house inspired track with some fine vocals. The first side ends with "Planet funk", a really sweaty drum 'n' bass funk explosion, impressive! The third and last installment from Mr Reeno is "Presence" that's sad in it's musical language but got a fat funk pattern that is appealing.

From a total view point this unique and super rare release is a must have. You got you hands on some very fine material, that likewise got a huge collectors value for the future!

So, listen to the samples below before you check Reeno's site for a sweet encounter between your wallet and this amazing 12" right on!

Patrik Andersson, January 2006

The funk is always here (Spazzoid records) 2006


1 I luv it (By Reeno) Sample

2 Planet funk (By Reeno) Sample


3 Funktime (By Eddie Craig) Sample

4 Presence (By Reeno) Sample

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