Nightime lovers 2

A review by Patrik Andersson

Nighttime lovers 2For just a couple a days ago I got a fresh copy of Nighttime lovers 2 (right). That's the latest compilation from the Dutch Vinyl Masterpiece (VM) company. Like the two earlier compilations from them it's a collection or pure and rare masterpieces! The VM crew got high ambitions when it comes to releasing the best of the best among soul, funk, disco and R&B from the late 70s to mid 80s. It's a goal they really take serious and it shows on this compilation as well!

The first thing that struck your mind is the always classy cover design of VM. And the first track "Let Me Show You" by Larry Wu from 84 really gives that first impression an extra boost as well and is a perfect start for that dance party going on the cover! This super rare collectors item with a catchy melody and lovely song simply can't be resisted.

The second track on this great CD is by Starbound is like Wu a much sought after item that finally can be heard on CD. This is funk! A classic deep funk track. Won't you forget that! Unfortunately the VM crew (?) used a bad copy as the background noise is way to high. Besides this rare piece Starbound only released one more track, the even more hard to find "Party in the city".

Spence's sexy "Get in on" from 83 got a hypnotic rock guitar layer mixed with classic funk, mmm, this is hot stuff!

AM/FM and there 70s inspired "You are the one" is an amazing two stepper occupying spot no 4!

Track five is a extra rare, or should I say rarely heard or in fact almost unknown piece by High fashion. If they got anything with the well-known (executive) producer JF Petrus band with the same name is unknown, nothing proofs that at this moment though. The music is a pop influenced mid 80 production with a rather haunting song and somewhat infectious melody that in fact really got some strange similarities with Petrus latest productions before his premature death. High fashion's track is perhaps the most "different" track on the CD.

The intro of Dolos' "Night so right" is by its own worth buying this record for with a beautiful solo piano start followed by some tingling synth tunes that finally explodes in a synth and funk feast you wont like to miss. The promising start can't really be hold all the way through the track though and the first thrilling feeling fades a bit despite a rather long break.

A fading feeling is something that you wont experience when listening to Earl Toon Jar's penned "Love you madly" by Canadian girl Candela (two 12" releases all in all) from 82! With a rarely found consistency all through this perfect boogie funk track, strong and expressive male/female song and holding one of the most impressive breaks ever heard you will just scream of happiness! This is my No 1 track all time, just in case you haven't noticed it ;) I just wonder if Toon and the producers and likewise brothers of Amir and Adir Bayyan (Kool and the gang) survived that knockout break!?

A rather late piece from 85 is represented on spot no 8 with Mikki's funky floor filler "Dance lover"; a beauty!

Sahara's "Love so fine" is like Mikki a competent mid 80s track worth a closer lock.

Projection's lovely "Lovestruck" from 86 got much in common with the hit sound of uprising producer duo Jam/Lewis heard on albums by Change and SOS band. It's a just a pity though that VM didn't include the real extended 12" mix.

The Italian band Kano got a great tradition and was one of the first real Italians bands to score in US besides Petrus' and Malavasi's productions. This compilation includes one of their most well balanced and slick production in "Dance school" from 83. With a beautiful song, infectious melody and great hooks this is a true classic finally heard on CD.

The pop like "She's the master of the game" taken from Richard Jon Smith's fine album from 83 isn't perhaps the best but still good enough for this compilation.

The last track on this thirteen track compilation represent once again by one of the most appealing soul funk tracks ever heard. Tony Jackson's extremely hard to get original 12" "Steppin' out of the groove" got it all; an expressive and powerful song, funky bass guitars and plenty of groovy synth play.

So what are you waiting for?


01 Larry Wu - Let Me Show You 1984 6:30
Starbound - We Can Make It 1985 5:10
03 Spence - Get It On 1983 6:21
04 AM/FM - You Are The One 1982 5:48
05 High Fashion - You Make Me Feel So Good 1986 7:20
06 Dolos - Night So Right 1984 7:25
07 Candela - Love You Madly 1982 6:00
08 Mikki - Dance lover 1985 6:40
09 Sahara - Love So Fine 1985 6:48
10 Projection - Luvstruck 1986 4:42
11 Kano - Dance School 1983 5:48
12 Richard Jon Smith - She's The Master Of The Game 1983 4:48
13 Tony Jackson - Steppin' Out Of The Groove 1983 5:46

Price: 19:90€

Where to buy?

Simply go the VM's website that also includes a few samples from the compilation and where you also can find other great releases.
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