Mille Scott - Love me right (1987)

A review by Patrik Andersson

Veteran session singer Mille Scott that has been working with hot shot artist like Temptations, Spinners and Al Green among others went from gospel via jazz to R&B in the 70s to mid 80s before she finally got a contract of her own with Island in 1986. The debut album "Love me right" is an R&B and soul/dance blend with a few appealing floor fillers.

When the 80s turned to its second half it became harder and harder for all of us who love the soul, funk, R&B, boogie and jazz soul produced in the first half of the same decade to really find anything of interest. Mille Scott's debut album is one example of a fairly good album from he second half. Released in 1987 Island records clearly aimed at the dance floor when the contracted Scott. Consequently "Love me right" did only include one decent ballad. First out however is the bouncy and more up-tempo "2 hot 2 handle" followed by mellowed and sweet dancer "Every little bit" and floor filler "One stop lover". The rest keep on at a similar fashion with few surprises. It's all well-made but a bit repetitive and sometimes lacking of infectious melodies besides "Automatic", the big hit on the album, that reaches it self notably over the rest, even the first three. The appealing melody is hard to resist on "Automatic" though. You can't stop listening, you just want more of the rippling soul sound and you get even more awarded when the break releases it completely; Bravo!

The final three tracks on this PTG CD re-issue includes some very nice bonus tracks not appearing on the original album of which the dub version of "Every little bit" and the extended version of "Automatic" is the most appealing ones.

Without the bonus tracks the album is OK but with them included the CD turns out to be an interesting object!

Patrik Andersson, October 2008

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