Izzy James - A call to conscience (2008)

A review by Patrik Andersson

Izzy James - Call To ConscienceSmooth soul is Izzy James trademark. He certainly knows how to transform and blend jazz and soul elements to something appealing. Despite talent and a long music career he has struggle for success and recognition beyond the local scene. Later on he found God in his life that gave him a new perspective on the society and his life and released valuable energy to spread what he believe is the "voice of the heart" to the world. These intentions are clearly present on his debut album "A call to conscience".

The entire CD gives a solid and over all high quality impression with both slow and mid tempo tracks. James plays seamlessly and joyfully with both jazz and soul elements from today and from the classic soul era from the 70s giving a surprisingly refreshing result.

James social awareness can be heard on several tracks like the thoughtful "Change the word" and the captivating "This way", all gently presented without being to pushy. Besides the latter tune the sweet soul gem "Stand up" represents the best of soul music from yesterday and from today. Izzy James ends up the CD with a couple of jazzy soul ballads like sassy "Could it be you" and the love tribute "You make everything all right".

For connoisseurs of classy soul jazz Izzy James is a beatiful and giving addition to the CD library.

For samples click here Official site: www.izzyjames.com