Confection - Confection (2008)

A review by Patrik Andersson

Confection - ConfectionHot from down under! It's rare to get your hands on Australian soul funk music but Confection's self titled debut album in early 2008 with a retro soul funk style has changed that. Heavily influenced by the thick synth patterns of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis mid 80s productions but also Kashif.

Confection delivers it's strongest number in "Fantasisin" full of quirky guitars, sweaty bass grooves and sexy vocals. SOS band's 1984 album "Just the way you like it" immediately comes in mind, especially the Jam/Lewis carbon copy intro.

The rest of the album holds up fairly good with easy-listening Kashif inspired dancer "I choose you". Also "I've Gotta Thing (4u)" delivers a strong danceable synth funk party that makes me think of The cool notes.

Unfortunately a significant pop influence takes over on several tracks, that's a pity considering how much talent Confection have, you better hold on to the groove guys!

Considering the year of the production and some nice beats it's still a good buy that includes "Fantasisin" that is fantastic.

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Tracklist and samples...

1 I choose you Sample
2 Put me on your playlist
3 Flirt
4 Fatasisin Sample
5 I've gotta thing (4u) Sample

6 Diamonds
7 Lovers or best friends
8 You got the love
9 Feel it comin'
10 Stuck