The great collectors - Funky music 80ies Vol 10

A review by Patrik Andersson

French music entrepreneurs Boogie Times (BT) have made some significant efforts to preserve but also re-light the greatness of late 70s to mid 80s soul, funk and boogie music. They have made that through countless re-releases of albums and several compilations under their own directions. Their role is with out any doubt one of the most prominent.

In one of their series, "The great collectors", BT have now reached volume 10 that PSFS found in the mail a couple of weeks ago and now should have a closer look at!

The first impression is the cartoonish cover art that fits quite well to the content waiting inside. Inside you'll find 12 strong and rare grooves of the best kind. I even found some new stuff never heard before with music changing the order on my personal top list, and that is not a common thing I can assure you.

First out is Conway & Temple's "Love lights (You can lay your head on my shoulder)" a classic early 80s handclap boogie tune with a great break and even a short rap followed by the second tune "All night rocker" by Keith Diamond band. Diamond, which sadly died in 1997, produced in "All night rocker" yet another solid tune in 1981 in parallel with the hits "Body talk" and "The dip".

As track three another rare gem called "Message in the music" by Initials together with the following remix of Splashband's "Last chance" presents two unknown tracks for me. It was especially Splasband (In motion by Freda Payne like) that totally blow my mind with an insane intro that forced me to replay it 50 times = I was in heaven!! How is it possible to create such an bubbling intro?? And the rest of the track is not bad either! I don't think I have to say that this was, and still is, the most addictive track on the CD!

After that knock out Eddie Capone (Who?) punched me in the face with his synth in "I wont give you up" and I was on the floor again! Man how good it is! Next is Primecut featuring James Cobbin and his "Stay right here" a great and bumpy dance gem followed by Herbie Pabst (Pabst?) more mellow "Reach out for your life". Finally I got a chance to relax to this enjoyable creation. Up again with Norfolk's "You are my doll baby", good popish boogie, but perhaps the weakest track together with "I love you" (see below) on vol 10.

I did known Mr Cornelius Oliphant (where do they get all these names from) since earlier and both of his following two tracks are solid dance tunes. I do prefer the second of them, the Kashif similar and very addictive "It's your time to cry" before more popish and mid 80s "I love you" (the weakest track on the CD together with Norfolk). The lovely CD end with a funky love theme by O.G. Edward's in "Only you".

BT have once again delivered a masterful collection of both rare and very good tracks, so what are you waiting for?

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