Start Credits


Of course there are many people to thank for this site, directly and indirectly. I better start.

First of all I wanna thank God without anything of this wouldn't have been possible! All music is a shining light from heaven, and if you just remember its source and thank him from your heart, your path will be enlighten forever.

Also, I thank my cousin Johan for introducing me to the soul funk music in 1980. All the Dj:s at Disco 91, MRS, FMAK and Funkdepartment for the outstanding radioshows and choice of music including, Mike Bike, Jocke B, Mangan S. Tommy T, Miss Funkyflyy, Gagarin and many more. Anders and Peter in the former recordshop Groove records downtown Stockholm, Space records and California records, all now closed, where I found many good and inspiring records, and had, especially at Groove records, many interesting talks about the music. Also a great thanks to CD now, Amazon and Gemm for having black music at their warehouses.

To Anna for pushing me to learn HTML. Computer research outside Stockholm for the great computer lessons given there, including Magnus and Susanne.

All the groovy people at Napster, DJ Ed, $Baron$, Carro, David and all the rest.

Also a very special thanks to Jeff Bova, Davide Romani, Terry Silverlight (you're help is always there), Michael Brauer, Chieli Minucci, Mats Nileskär and Stefano Colombo for valuable information.

A very special thanks to all my net friends that with great openness and unselfishness have contributed with very valuable comments and new information's; Francis Depuydt (you're a rock man), Maarten Albarda (the original inspiring force), Yves Le Page (always accurate), ROMO (full of energy), Paolo Caroselli (professional) and many more, a great thanks for your contributions and inspiration!

At last but not at least, Microsoft, Telenordia and Telia.