A review by Patrik Andersson

On the 3rd of September 2007 a new hot 2CD Change compilation was released by Fonte records in Italy. The company had earlier released all their albums except "Change of heart" as a part of a box of five CD's featuring various Jacques Fred Petrus productions. This time it was time for "The final collection" of the band to be released.

The release

Change - The final collection Several compilations of the successful band have earlier been seen, the first already in 1984. Most of them are well worth buying of which Warner brothers 1998 "The very best of" release together with the 2003 "The best of" release from Warner music group is the most complete. Both had advantages and disadvantages. The 1998 release included tracks from the successful Jam&Lewis produced 1984 album but had edited versions of some original tracks. The Italian complied 2003 release had all full length versions but didn't include the 1984 album due to licensing problems, Change - The final collection solved all those flaws.

The 2CD set contains twenty-eight full length tracks referring to all six albums. It's an almost perfect choice even though the killer track "It burns me up" has been excluded. It always a matter of taste deciding what track to be included on a compilation like this and I should not argue whether Fonte made the right choices or not. The over all sound quality is good even though the original source of some tracks clearly is taken from vinyl and that's poor! Despite those let downs it's a very competent and complete compilation, perhaps the best!

On the outside the Italians have made a great, classy and tasteful cover art giving the entire release a stylish package fulfilling the promises the music already have given.

Where to buy?

The CD is a bit difficult to find but try these sites:

- Juno records
- Self distribuzione