Change - This is your time 1983

Side one

1. Got to get up (6:02) (By M. Malavasi, R. Trevesi & P. Slade)

2. This is your time (5:49) (By L. Boone & L . LaFalce) [Sample]

3. Angel (5:00) (By C. Valli, P. Slade & C. MacKee)

4. Magical night (6:12) (By M. Malavasi, L. Boone & L. LaFalce)

Side two

5. Stay'n fit (5:30) (By T. Allen & J. F. Petrus)

6. Tell me why (5:21) (By M. Malavasi, M. Campbell, T. Allen & L. LaFalce) [Sample]

7. You'll never realize (5:46) (By M. Malavasi, R. Trevesi & P. Slade)

8. Don't wait another night (5:51) (By C. Minucci & B. Matthews) [Sample]

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus


Timmy Allen: Lead vocals/bass guitar
Rick Brennan: Lead vocals/percussion
Debohra Cooper: Lead vocals
Vince Henry: Guitar/saxophon
Michael Campell: Lead guitar
James (Crab) Robinson: Lead vocals
Jeff Bova: Keyboards
Toby Johnson: Drums

The other musicians are: Mauro Malavasi: keyboards Berhard Davis: drums Rudy Trevisi: saxophone

Background vocals: Jocelyn Smith, Lisa Fischer, Eric McClinton, Bobby Douglas, Steve Daniels, Larry LaFalce (Eric McClinton appears courtesy of Capitol records) (Bobby Douglas and Steve Daniels appear courtesy of RCA records)

Arranged and contucted by Mauro Malavasi
Production assistant and rhythm arrangement by Timmy Allen
Recorded at Umbi Studios in Modena, Italy
Engineered by: Maggio Maurizio Overdubs and mixed at Sorcerer sound,
New York city
Engineered by: Alex Head Mastered at Sterling sound by José Rodriguez
Album coordinaters: Ray Caviano and Bob Ghossen

Special thanks to: Steve Kopitko, Barbara Clarke and Steve Bogen.
A very special thanks to Bert Padell.

Printed in USA on RFC records 1983

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