Zinc - I'm livin' a life of love 1983
(printed 1982)

Side one

1. I'm livin a life of love (5:30) (By Mauro Malavasi - Tanyanette Willoughby) [Sample]

Side two

2. Livin' in the boogie now (7:37) (By Mauro Malavasi - Tanyanette Willoughby)

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi
Executive producers: Jacques Fred Petrus for Little macho music Co.,Inc.

Arranged and conducted by Mauro Malavasi

Acoustic piano, keyboards, synthesizers:
Mauro Malavasi, Steve Robin, Ray Chew,
Davide Romani
Bass guitar: Davide Romani
Guitars: Steve Love, Hiram Bullock,
Ira Siegel
Drums: Terry Silverlight, Yogi Horton,
Buddy Wiliams
Percussion: Rick Gallwey
Saxophone: Robin Carley, Rudy Trevisi
Lead vocals: Gordon Grody
Featured vocal "Livin' in the boggie now",
Steve Daniels
Background vocals: Steve Daniels,
Bobby Douglas, Gordon Grody,
Fonzi Thornton, Michelle Cobbs

Recorded by Michael Barbiero
Mixed by Michael Brauer at
Mediasound studios, New York

Assisted by Gregory Mann
and Harry Spiridakis

Art director: Donn Davenport
Photographer: Pinderhughes
Designer: Howard Fritzson
Logo photographer: Radold Graff
Stylist: Hui Wang
Garment: André Van Pier

Special thanks Steven Kopitko and
to Michael Murphy and Steve Bogen
from Little macho music Co. Inc.

Printed in USA on Jive records 1982

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