Silence 2 (feauturing Gordon Grody) - The beast in me 1984

Side A

1. The beast in me (4:30) (By Eric Kaz - Marvin Morrow)

2. Midnite visitors (5:06) (By Celso Valli & Paul Slade & Charlotte Mokee)

3. So much for love (5:15) (By Celso Valli & Charlotte Mokee & Gordon Grody)

4. Till the right one comes along (3:48) (By Charlotte Mokee & Gordon Grody)

Side B

5. Moonlight shadow (4:28) (By Michael Oldfield)

6. Mystery (4:00) (By Celso Valli & Paul Slade)

7. Angel (4:40) (By Celso Valli & Paul Slade & Charlotte Mokee)

8. More than ever (4:00) (By Marco Tansini & Charlotte Monkee)

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus for Little macho music co. inc.

Silence 2:

Lead vocal: Gordon Grody


Lead guitar: Paolo Gianolio
Bass guitar: Davide Romani
Drums: Gabrielli Melotti, Terry Silverlight (Angel)
Keyboards: Celso Valli

Engineered and mixed by Maurizio Biancanio & Roberto Costa
Mixed at Media sound studios, New York city
Mixed by Michael Brauer for M.H.B. productions.
Arranged by Celso Valli.
Recorded ar Fonoprints studios, Bologna, Italy & Umbi studios, Modena, Italy.

Printed in France on Flarenasch records 1984