Silence is not only an obscure band but also one of Petrus most uninspiring efforts as an executive producer. In a time when fast cars and pastel colors of Miami vice reign the television world Petrus produced this studio concept featuring Gordon Grody as lead singer. Despite great ambitions Silence 2 released only one album. Both the planning and timing of the set seemed mindless and it didn't sold many copies either. Most of the albums can probably be found in dark storing rooms of radio stations or in secondhand vinyl shops.

One or two albums?

Despite the fact that Silence 2 released one album, things point out that Silence 2 actually released an album in 82 as well, even though it's uncertain if the latter release was the same band, and most of all, if it was a Petrus production. These albums are not in possesion and complete cover information from the two albums can therefor not be preseted, only the cover information of the 12" can be seen. All information and art work in this biography are taken from that 12". If you happen to own the 82 or the 84 albums, please contact by clicking here

Great musicians...

Petrus assembled a pretty nice lineup for the release though. He re-used already known Gordon Grody (left), the former background singer from B. B. & Q band and the Italians of Paolo Gianolio (Lead guitar), Davide Romani Gordon Grody(Bass guitar) and Gabrielle Melotti (Drums), known from Revanche's album in 79. Also, the famous Italian musician Celso Valli played keyboards as well as arranged the track. One thing that was different from other Petrus engagements was the use of outside songwriters instead of the traditionally used ones on B. B. & Q band and Change. The unknown Eric Kaz and Marvin Morrow wrote the track for April music co. and Kaz music co. The track was recorded in the studios in Bologna and Modena in Italy and mixed both in Italy (same studios) and in New York in US. As engineers Petrus worked with the same people as most times, Maurizio Biancani in Italy and Michael Brauer in US. So far all looked interesting and full of potential.

For the cover design Petrus once again gave the job to Frank Porto, the man behind Change's beautiful cubist covers. This time however, Porto succeeded in the same poor way as the song it self.

...but poor music...

When starting listening to side A of the 12" the first thing that struck your mind is the pop influenced sound that continues right throw the track. The sound it self is very different from the other Petrus production of that year, "Change of heart" with Change. Maybe that was a conscious thought but they were out on deep water. Even though this long version is generously 6 minutes and 50 seconds long the music was not more than an average pop disco track released in a time when the music environment was changing very fast and where there even was much better music to be heard as well.

...lead to an early end

Dispate all the great men behind Silence 2 and all the efforts for this new band they just couldn't make it and no more notes were ever heard from this rare studio concept again.

(Patrik Andersson)

Discography of Silence

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Goodtime baby
Not available

1982 (LP)

Silence 2 - The beast in me
The beast in me

1984 (LP)

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