Revanche - Music man 1979

side one

1. You get high in N.Y.C. (8:46) (By Malavasi-Taylor-Petrus)

2. Revanche (8:53) (By Malavasi-Taylor)

side two

3. Music man (8:16) (By Malavasi-Taylor)

4. 1979 it's dancing time (8:45) (By Malavasi-Taylor-Petrus) [Sample]

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus for Little Macho co. Inc., NYC

Composed, arranged and conducted by Mauro Malavasi
Assisted by: Rudy Trevisi

Orchestrated by:

Guitar: Paolo Gianolio
Bass: Davide Romani
Drums: Gabrielli Melotti
Congas: George Aghedo
Sax: Rudy Trevisi
Trombone: Sandro Comini, Marco Pelfacini
Trumpet: Mauro Malavasi, Lini Fermo, Emilio Soani
Synthesizer: Mauro Malavasi
Electric clavinet: Mauro Malavasi
Strings: The Goody music string ensemble
Special thanks to Mr William Wright - 1 string

Vocals by:

Christine Wiltshire
Yvonne Lewis
Jocelyn Shaw
Bobby Douglas
Steve Daniels
Skipp Ingram
Robin Corley

Recorded at: Fonoprint, Bologna, Italy
Engineer: Maurizio Biancani
Vocals recorded at Power station, New York, New York
Engineer: Bill Scheniman - Assisted by Raymond Willhard
Mixed at: Power station, New York New York
Engineer: Bill Scheniman - Assisted by Raymond Willhard
Mastered at: Atlantic studios, New York, N.Y.
Engineer: Dennis King

"A Malavasi and Petrus mix"

Cover concept by Petrus
Realization: Jean Bernard Edwige
Photograph: Gianni Spinazzola

Special thanks to Bobby Douglas, Steve Daniels,
Skipp Ingram and Robin Corley (appears courtesy
of Motown records)

Printed in U.S.A. on Atlantic records 1979.