Gene van Buren - What's your pleasure 1982

Side one

1. Action (4:17) (G. van Buren) [Sample]

2. Enjoy yourself (4:16) (G. van Buren) [Sample]

3. When is my turn (3:32) (G. van Buren) [Sample]

4. You've got me where I want you (4:07) (G. van Buren) [Sample]

Side two

5. What's your pleasure (3:32) (G. van Buren) [Sample]

6. I give good love (3:14) (G. van Buren) [Sample]

7. I love you more (than I hate you do) (4:08) (G. van Buren, B. Pierce) [Sample]

8. Rock the house (4:47) (G. van Buren, F. "Rusty" Hamilton III) [Sample]

9. One (3:38) (G. van Buren, V.R. "Sonny" Redding) [Sample]

Produced by Gene van Buren for Outpost productions

All tunes written by Gene van Buren,
except as indicated and published by
Jobete Music Co., INC. (ASCAP)
All horne arrangements by Ozone
All string arrangements by
Bejamin F. Wright Jr.
All vocal arrangements by Gene van Buren


Gene Van Buren: Acoustic piano
Michael Boddicker: Jupiter & Synthesizer
Frank "Rusty" Hamilton III: Acoustic piano,
Synthesizers, Prophet & Mini Mog and Fender Rhodes
L. Marlo Henderson, Dwight Carol
Charles W. Fearing:
Victor "Wide track" Hill, James Jamerson: Bass Guitar
Michael White, Leon "Ndugu" Chancler: Drums

"Boots" Grey: Percussion

Background vocals on Action, Enjoy yourself,
and You've got me where I want you by Gene van Buren,
all other background vocals by Gene van Buren, Lynn Davis
& Porchia Griffin

Recorded at Motown/Hitsville U.S.A.
Recording studios, Hollywood, California
& Artisan sound recorders, Hollywood, California
Engineers: Barney Perkins, Russ Terrana, Steve McMillian,
Jane Clark, Ginny Pallante
Assistant engineers: Michael Johnson, Charles Brown,
Fred Law and Ginny Pallante
Mastered at Motown/Hitsville U.S.A.
Recording studios by John Matousek

"God has showered me with love and has blessed
me with friends to whom I own many thanks, Berry
Gordy, Anna Gaye, Iris Gordy and Ray Singleton
for their undaunted and much appreciated faith
in me. Alvis "Suchess" Paris, the stabilizing factor
in my life, Curtis Shaw, Bejamin Wright, Laura
Palmer, Jackie Diane Shead,
Bill Holsey, Gail Bryant,
G.L. Ruehs, Jimmy Levine, Debbie Shotlove, V. Ross
"Sonny" Redding, LynnDavis, Frank "Rusty" Hamilton III
and Brenda Pierce, all of whom have given me sincere
support and encourangemen, and to two very special
kids, Eugene and Michael - I love too Mom!"

Sincerly, Eugene

Art direction: Johnny Lee
Design: Terry Taylor
Photography: Matthew Rolston
Product coordinator: Jimmy Levine
Album & production supervision: Iris Gordy

Printed in U.S.A. on Tamla records in 1982

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