Peter Jacques band - Dancing in the street 1985

side one

1. All right let's go (6:31) (D.Romani /J.F.Petrus / P.Slade) [Sample]

2. This night (5:50) (D.Romani / J.F.Petrus / P.Slade) [Sample]

3. Mexico (4:38) (M.Tansini / J.F.Petrus / S.Zanini) [Sample]

4. Everybody have a party (4:08) (N.Lelli / J.F. Petrus / P.Slade) [Sample]

Side two

5. Going dancing down the street (5:52) (D.Romani / J.F.Petrus / P.Slade) [Sample]

6. Drive me crazy (4:18) (D.Romani / J.F.Petrus / P.Slade) [Sample]

7. High time (4:02) (D.Romani / J.F.Petrus / P.Slade) [Sample]

8. Don't say you've gotta go (5:37) (D.Romani /J.F. Petrus / P.Slade) [Sample]

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus for Renaissance international.

All songs published by: Vedette international Co. Inc.
Music by: Davide Romani, Nino Lelli, Marco Tansini
Lyrics by: Jacques Fred Petrus, Paul Slade, Simona Zanini
Arranged by: Davide Romani
Conducted by: Davide Romani and Jacques Fred Petrus
All songs played by: Davide Romani in the renaissance orchestra
Recorded at Umbi studio & Morning studio, Italy
Mixed by: Renato Cantele

Costumes by: Jean Paul Gaultier
Photograph: Georges Rosemberg
Art direction: Bouba Keita

Lead vocals: Paul Slade (Drive me crazy, Don't say you've gotta go and Everybody have a party)*
All background performed by:
Change (courtesy of Little Maco music Co. Inc. NY)
The Peter Jacques band is: Ilto Sampaio, Betty Lami, Carin McDonald, Carmen Bjornald
special thanks to: Elvio Pieri, Marco Tansini, Siro Gallotti, Gigi Figini, Rosa Cesario for their kind colloboration.

* Even though Paul Slade never was mentioned on the cover as a singer he was according to an interview with him on singing lead on three tracks, a fact that he was not aware until recently.

A special thanks to Luca Sacchi for providing with the cover info!