Peter Jacques band - Welcome back 1980

side one

1. Counting on love "one two three" (5:20) (By M. Malavasi - P. Slade) [Sample]

2. Welcome back (6:25) (By M. Malavasi - L. Vandross) [Sample]

3. The louder (7:01) (By M. Malavasi - F. Floyd) [Sample]

side two

4. Is it it (5:12) (By M. Malavasi - P. Slade) [Sample]

5. Exotically (5:53) (By M. Malavasi - F. Floyd) [Sample]

6. Mighty fine (5:27) (By M. Malavasi - F. Floyd) [Sample]

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producers: Jacques Fred Petrus & Mauro Malavasi for Goody music production

Composed, arranged and conducted by Mauro Malavasi

The Peter Jacques band group is:

Jacob Wheeler (lead vocals)
Sandi Bass
Dianne Washington
Von Gretchen Shepard

All songs played by the Goody music orchestra
Lyrics by: P. Slade - L. Vandross - F. Floyd
Recorded at Fonoprint studios Italy
Engineer: Maurizio Biancani
All vocals recorded and mixed at Media sound studios (New York city)
Engineer: Michael Brauer
Mastered at: Sterling sound - (NYC)
Engineer: Greg Calby
Cover concept by: J.F. Petrus
Photograph: Renault Marchand - Paris
Accessory by: Peter Jacques band

A product of Goody music production s.r.l. Via Pietro Mascagni, 15, Milan - Italy

Printed in Italy on Goody music 1980