Peter Jacques band - Fire night dance 1979

side one

1. Walking on music (8:16) (By Malavasi-Taylor) [Sample] [Video]

2. Devil's run (8:30) (By Malavasi-Taylor) [Sample]

side two

3. Fire night dance (8:40) (By Petrus-Malavasi-Taylor) [Sample]

4. Fly with the wind (9:03) (By Malavasi-Taylor) [Sample]

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus for Goody music production

Composed, arranged and conducted by Mauro Malavasi
Assisted by Rudy Trevisi


Lead vocal: Leroy Burgess
Background singers: Arthur Simms, Joe Scott,
Sammy Gaha, Ann Calvert, Gloria Turner,
Claudia Polley, Hilda Harris, Lavelle Duggan, Maerethia Stewart


Guitar: Fabbri Giorgino
Bass: Davide Romani
Drums: Gabrielli Melotti
Congas: George Aghedo
Sax: Rudy Trevisi
Trombone: Sandro Comini
Trumpet: Mauro Malavasi
Synthesizer/Electric clavinet/Flute/Electric piano: Mauro Malavasi
Percussion: George Aghedo, Rudy Trevisi
Assistant syntheziser session: Maurizio Biancani
Strings: The Goody music string ensemble

Special thanks to William Wright - First string

Studio credit: Recorded at Fonoprint
Engineer: Maurizio Biancani

Special thanks to Mr. Maurizio Biancani who always gives us the best

Studio Milan engineer: Malek Jeanpaul
C. G. D. studio engineer: Pino Vicari
Sigma sound studio: Mixed at Sigma sound studios New York-USA
Engineer: Carmine Rubino
Assistent engineer: Jim (Doc) Dougherty
Mastered at Sterling sound New York-USA
Engineer: Jose Rodriguez

Mix by Malavasi and Petrus

Art credit: Cover by Petrus
Realistation: Jean Bernard Edwige
Photograph: Gianni Spinazolla
Accessories: Alvear

Other credits: We would like to dedicate this album
to all the people of Goody music productions
for their enthusiasm and work
Special credit to all the musicians of the Macho album

All songs publised by Little Macho music
A product of Goody music/Prelude records, Inc.

Printed in U.S.A. on Prelude records in 1979