Macho (III) - Kalimba de luna 1984

Side one

1. Kalimba de luna (4:45) (By Di Franco - Amoruso - Malavasi - Licastro - Esposito) [Download]

Side two

2. Medley: Kalimba De Luna - Simba De Ammon - Kalimba De Luna (8:27) (By Di Franco - Amoruso - Malavasi - Licastro - Esposito)

Produced by Kevin Robinson and Howard King
Executive producers: Jacques Fred Petrus

Players (incomplete):

Keyboards: Steve Skinner
Saxophone: Vince Henry
Drums: Howard King
Lead vocals: Shervin
Background vocals: Dennis Collins,
Johnny Kemp, Peter Cox

Recorded And Mixed At Sound Labs
Studios, Brooklyn, New York.
Produced For Heavy Scenes Productions
Exec. Prod. For Little Macho Music Productions SIAE

Artwork By [Cover Concept] - Studio Stress

Printed in Italy on Five records 1984