Change - The very best of Change 1998

1. A lovers holiday (3:57) (By D. Romani/T. Willoughby) [Sample]

2. Searching (3:43) (By M. Malavasi/P. Slade) [Sample]

3. The glow of love (3:44) (By D. Romani/W. Garfield/M. Malavasi) [Sample]

4. Paradise (5:16) (By D. Romani M. Malavasi T. Willoughby) [Sample]

5. Hold tight (4:32) (By D. Romani M. Malavasi P. Slade) [Comple track]

6. The very best in you (5:44) (By Herb Smith & Mauro Malavasi) [Sample]

7. Hard times (it's gonna be alright) (5:24) (By Mauro Malavasi, Davide Romani, Alfonso Thornton & Fred Petrus) [Sample]

8. This is your time (5:53) (5:49) (By L. Boone & L . LaFalce) [Sample]

9. Don't wait another night (5:55) (By C. Minucci & B. Matthews) [Sample]

10. Change of heart (7:08) (By Terry Lewis and James Harris III) [Sample] [Video I] [Video II]

11. You are my melody (6:22) (By Terry Lewis and James Harris III) [Sample]

12. Say you love me again (4:33) (By D. Romani M. Malavasi P. Slade) [Comple track]

13. Turn on your radio (5:19) (By A. Bagnoli - J.F. Petrus) [Sample]

14. Let's go together (6:08) (By D. Romani - J.F. Petrus - P. Slade) [Sample]

Original records produced by Jacques Fred Petrus • Mauro Malavasi • Jimmy Jam • Terry Lewis • Timmy Allen

This compilation (P) 1998 Atlantic recording corp. Rhino entertainment company, 10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025-4900. Refer to accompanying booklet for complete copyright/licensing information.

Printed in U.S.A. on Rhino records 1998

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