Change - Greatest hits 1984

side one

1. Paradise (5:09) (By D. Romani M. Malavasi T. Willoughby) [Sample]

2. A lovers holiday (6:26) (By D. Romani/T. Willoughby) [Sample]

3. Searching (8:02) (By M. Malavasi/P. Slade) [Sample]

4. The glow of love (6:11) (By D. Romani/W. Garfield/M. Malavasi) [Sample]

side two

5. Got to get up (6:00) (By M. Malavasi, R. Trevesi & P. Slade)

6. Change of heart (7:02) (By Terry Lewis and James Harris III) [Sample] [Video]

7. The very best in you (5:41) (By Herb Smith & Mauro Malavasi) [Sample]

8. Say you love me again (3:37) (By Terry Lewis and James Harris III)

Printed in Italy on Five records 1984

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