Change - Miracles 1981

Side one

1. Paradise (5:14) (By D. Romani M. Malavasi T. Willoughby) [Sample]

2. Hold tight (4:23) (By D. Romani M. Malavasi P. Slade) [Comple track]

3. Your move (4:23) (By D. Romani M. Malavasi P. Slade)

4. Stop for love (4:12) (By M. Malavasi P. Slade T. Willoughby)

Side two

5. On top (5:13) (By P. Gianolio M Malavasi T. Willoughby)

6. Heaven of my life (5:34) (By P. Gianolio D. Romani M. Malavasi T. Willoughby)

7. Miracles (5:17) (By M. Malavasi T. Willoughby)

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi
Executive producers: Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi
for little macho music co. inc. NY.

Composed, arranged and conducted by David Romani - Mauro Malavasi - Paolo Gianolio. Vocals conducted by Tanyayette Willoughby / Ready productions and Jocelyn Shaw. Lyrics by Paul Slade / Tanyanette Willoughby.

Recorded at Fonoprint studios, Bologna, Italy.
Engineered by Maurizio Biancani / Michael H.Brauer.
All vocals recorded and mixed at Media sound studios, New York city.
Engineered by Michael H. Brauer.
Assistent Engineer - Andy Hoffman.
Mastered at Sterling sound, inc., New york city.
Engineered by Greg Calbi.
Art and design by Frank Porto.

Special thanks to Ray Caviano, Vonce Aletti and Bob Siegel for their ongoing support.

Change int'l. fan club: 233 West 26th street, New York, NY 10001.

Players: Mauro Malavasi - piano, synhesizer; Davide Romani - bass; Paolo Gianolio - guitar; Rudy Trevisi - saxophone; Doc Powell - guitar; Terry Silverlight - drums; Onage Allen Gumbs - keyboards; Maurizio Biancani - asst. synthesizer.

Horns: Trumpet - Victor Paz; trumpet - Earl Gardner; sax - Denny Trimboli; trombone - Bob Alexander.

Strings played by: The Goody music string ensamble.

Lead vocals: James Crabs Robinson; Diva Gray.

Solo vocals: Gordon Grody; Diva Gray.

Background vocals: Jocelyn Shaw; Crystal Davis; Diva Gray, Ullanda McCullough (courtesy of Atlantic records); Luther Vandross; Benny Diggs (courtesy of Handshake records); Dennis Collins; Fonzi Thornton
(courtesy of Atlantic records).

Printed in Germany on WEA records 1981

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