The B. B. & Q. band - Six million times 1983

Side one

1. Keep it hot (5:42) (By M. Malavasi/P. Slade) [Sample]

2. Stay (5:35) (By K. Robinson) [Sample]

3. She's a passionate lover (4:15) (By Robinson/Robinson, Jr./Bridges) [Sample]

4. We've got to do it (4:40) (By K. Robinson) [Sample]

Side two

5. Six million times (5:48) (By K. Robinson/H. King)

6. She's a women (6:17) (By J. Lennon/P. MacCartney)

7. Downtowne (5:20) (By Joe Jefferson)

8. Missing you, missing me (4:32) (By K. Robinson/H. King)

Produced by: Jacques Fred Petrus & Mauro Malavasi
Co-produced by Kevin Robinson
Executive producer; Jacques Fred Petrus for little macho production Co., Inc.


Kevin Robinson
-Lead vocal & lead guitar
Tony Bridges
- Bass guitar
Chieli Minucci
- Guitar
Bernard Davies
- Drums

Additional musicians: Rudy Trevisi-Saxophone & keyboard,
Mauro Malavasi-keyboards, Michael Campbell-Guitar, Bobby
Douglas-Background vocals (appears courtesy of RCA records),
Eric McClinton-Background vocals, Timmy Allen-Background vocals

Arranged by Mauro Malavasi & Kevin Robinson

"Missing you, missing me" & " Six million times"
arranged by Kevin Robinson & Howard King

Recorded at UMBI studios in Modena, Italy
Engineered by Maurizio Maggi
Mixed at Sorcerer sound studios, New York city
Engineered by Alex Head
Mastered at Sterling sound by Greg Calby

Thanks to: Varnell Johnson, Steve Buckley, Steven Kopitko,
Steve Bogen, Barbara Clarke, Peter Matorin, Reenie,
Mic Murphy and of course Bert Padell.

Printed in Holland by EMI 1983