The B. B. & Q. band - All night long 1982

Side one

1. All night long (she's got the moves I like) (5:55) (By Kevin Robinson) [Sample]

2. Imagination (6:00) (By Kae Williams)

3. The things we do in love (4:58) (By Kevin Robinson)

4. Desire (4:20) (By Timmy Allen, Kevin Robinson)

Side two

5. Hanging out (5:10) (By Tony Bridges, Johnny Kemp Jr, Mauro Malavasi)

6. Hard to get around (5:15) (By Mauro Malavasi, Massimo Trevesi, Johnny Kemp, Jr)

7. (I could never say) it's over (4:05) (By Mauro Malavasi, Johnny Kemp Jr)

8. Children of the night (5:54) (By Mauro Malavasi, Johnny Kemp Jr)

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus for little macho production Co., Inc.

The band Even though the persons on the front and back covers on the album weren't stated as "The band" they have to be seen in that way. Despite Kevin Nance being one of them, he's surprisingly not even mentioned on the cover which is a bit strange. But on the other hand this perhaps shows that the band identity was still very loosely put together due to the other engagements and Petrus will.

Kevin Robinson
-Lead vocal & lead guitar
Tony Bridges
- Bass guitar
Chieli Minucci
- Guitar
Kevin Nance
- Keyboard


Keyboards: Jeff Bova, Steve Skinner, Mauro Malavasi, Kae Williams
Drums Yogi Horton, Bernard Davies
Bass: Tony Bridges, David Romani, Timmy Allen
Guitar: Kevin Robinson, Chieli Minucci, Mike Cambell, Ed Moore
Percussion Jimmy Maelen
Horn section David Tofani (Sax), John Faddis (Trumpet), Dave Bargeron (Trombone), Marvin Stam (Trumpet)
Lead vocals: Kevin Robinson
Background vocals: Benny Diggs, Zack Sanders, Brenda White, Dennis Collins, Johnny Kemp, Leroy Burgess, Tawatha Agee, Fonzi Thornton, Gordon Grody, Bobby Douglas, Eric McClinton, Kevin Robinson, Timmy Allen, Alyson Williams, Benny Diggs appears courtesy of Handshake records, inc

Conducted by Mauro Malavasi & Jacques Fred Petrus
Arranged by Mauro Malavasi
Recorded at Media studios, New York, N. Y.
Engineered by Michael Brauer (basic tracks) Alec Head, Lincoln Clapp (overdubs)
Mixed at Power station & Media studios, New York, NY
Engineered by Bill Schineman & Michael Barbiero
Mastered at Sterling sound, New York, NY by Greg Calbi

Special thanks to Steve Bogan and Michael Murphy

Printed in Holland by EMI 1982