The B. B. & Q. band - The B. B. & Q. band 1981

Side one

1. On the beat (5:55) (By M. Malavasi - P. Slade) [Sample]

2. Time for love (6:05) (By M. Malavasi - P. Slade) [Sample]

3. Don't say goodbye (3:47) (By M. Tansini - T. Willoughby)

Side two

4. Starlette (4:57) (By Malavasi - Romani - Slade) [Sample]

5. Mistakes (4:40) (By Malavasi - Romani - Willoughby) [Sample]

6. Lovin' what we should (5:06) (By M. Malavasi - J. Hoggard)

7. I'll cut you loose (5:18) (By Malavasi - Trevesi - Willoughby)

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producers: Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi
for little macho production Co., Inc.


Mauro Malavasi: Piano and synthesizer
Davide Romani: Bass guitar
Peewee Ford: Bass guitar
Paolo Gianolio: Guitar
Abdul Wali Mohammed: Guitar
Terri Silverlight: Drums
Dwayne Perdue: Drums

Kevin Nance: Keyboards
Maurizio Biancano: Keyboards
Rudy Trevesi: Saxophone
Denny Trimboli: Saxophone
Victor Paz: Trumpet
Earl Gardner: Trumpet
Bob Alexander: Trombone

Ike Floyd: Lead vocals
Gordon Grody: Solo vocals
Bobby Douglas: Solo vocals
Luther Vandross: Background vocals
Fonzi Thornton: Background vocals
Bobby Douglas: Background vocals
Gordon Grody: Background vocals
Diva Gray: Background vocals
Robin Clark: Background vocals
The goody music string ensamble: Strings
Gordon Grody: Background vocals

Special thanks to Stephen L. Kopitko, Esq. of Grubman & Indursky. P.C.

Recorded at Fonoprint studios, Bologna Italy

Printed in USA by Capitol 1981