Silence - Goodtime lady 1982

Side A

1. Mistery (4:20)

2. Moore Than Ever (4:15)

3. Goodtime Baby (4:02)

4. You're Not Alone (3:11)

Side B

5. Midnight Visitors (Silence) (5:10)

6. No Way (4:05)

7. Breaking Point (3:54)

8. Nightmare (3:47)

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producers Jacques Fred Petrus, Mauro Malavasi, Celso Valli for Little Macho music

Composed, arranged, conducted by Celso Valli
Lyrics by Paul Slade & Carlotta McKee

Recorded at Fonoprint studios, Bologna, Italy
Engineered by Maurizio Biancani
All vocals recorded and mixed at media sound, New York city


Synthesizers - Celso Valli
Bass guitar - Davide Romani, Paolo Gianolio, Dino D'autorio, Claudio Golinelli
Guitar - Paolo Gianolio, Doc Powell
Drums - Terry Silverlight, Flaviano Cuffari, Gabrielle Melotti
- Celso Valli, Onage Allan Gumbs
Ass.synthesizers - Maurizio Biancani
Saxophone - Rudy Trevisi
Background vocals - Diva Gray, Robin Clark, David l. Byron,
Tom Bernfeld, Kurt Yagian, Gordon Grody
Lead vocals - Gordon Grody

Art & design: Greg Porto

Printed in Italy on Memory records 1982

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