Rudy - Just take my body 1979

side one

1. White room* (6:58) (By J. Bruce - P. Brown)

2. Just take my body** (6:43) (By P. Gianolio - A. Taylor)

side two

3. Higher (4:49) (By R. Trevisi - A. Taylor) [Sample]

4. Thank you baby (7:40) (By R. Trevisi - A. Taylor) [Sample]

5. Can you stop women (6:15) (By R. Trevisi - A. Taylor) [Sample]

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi

Composed, arranged and conducted by Rudy Trevisi
Except: * by Luca Orioli and ** by Paolo Gianolio


Guitar: Paolo Gianolio
Bass: Davide Romani
Drums: Gabrielli Melotti
Congas: Rudy Trevisi
Sax: Rudy Trevisi
Trombone: Sandro Comini, Marco Pellacani
Trumpet: Mauro Malavasi, Beltrami Doriano
Synthesizer, electric clavinet, flute, electric piano: Mauro Malavasi,
Luca Orioli, Rudy Trevisi
Percussion: Rudy Trevisi
Strings: The Goody music string ensemble
Assistans for synthesizer session by: Maurizio Biancani
Special thanks to Mr William Wright - 1 string

Vocals by:

Krystal Davis
Yvonne Lewis
Christine Whiltshire
Bobby Douglas
Steve Daniels
Skipp Ingram
Robin Corley

Recorded at: Fonoprint, Bologna, Italy
Engineer: Maurizio Biancani
Vocals recorded at Power station, New York, New York
Engineer: Bill Scheniman - Assisted by Raymond Willhard
Mixed at: Power station, New York New York
Engineer: Bill Scheniman - Assisted by James Farber

Special thanks to Bobby Douglas, Steve Daniels,
Skipp Ingram and Robin Corley (appears courtesy
of Motown records)

Printed in U.S.A. on Atlantic records 1979.

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