The B. B. & Q. band - Genie 1985

Side one

1. Genie (6.01) (By Kay Williams) [Sample]

2. Main attraction (5:42) (By Kay Williams)

3. Won't you be with me tonight (4:33) (By Kay Williams) [Sample]

4. Don't force it (4:55) (By Kay Williams)

Side two

5. Minutes away (3:15) (By Kay Williams)

6. On the shelf (5:15) (By Kay Williams) [Sample]

7. Dreamer (5:46) (By Kay Williams) [Sample]

8. Riccochet (4:15) (By Kay Williams)

All songs, music and lyrics by Kay Williams

Produced by Kay Williams and Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus
for Vedette international

BB & Q band US 85 Note: The album was released in Europe on several labels in 85 and in the US on Elektra (WEA) in 86 with different album covers. The first EU only release in 85 was recorded at the Morning studios in Milan and featured a red cover (top) on some issues and a blue cover e on other issues (left; click for a bigger view), all with the same them. The UK release got their and very different own cover. On all these issues Petrus was both the producer (with Kay Williams) and execuitive producer. According to the US only release in 86 however Earl Monroe was the executive producer and Kay Williams the producer. The album was also recorded in the Castle studios in Milan instead of Morning studios in Milan. The second release must obviously has been edited and released after Petrus death in 86. Petrus probably tried to attract some US labels for the release of Genie in the US when his death abruptly ended his involvment. Someone else, maybe Williams or Monrore - if Petrus had contacted him - then closed the deal with Elektra. The cover of the US release was completely different in its design compared with both the European releases.

Players: not mentioned on the EU releases. The following players are taken from the 1986 US release that most likely is the same.

Kae Williams: Linn, Piano, Sax, DX-7 Rhodes, Prophet, Organ,
DBX, horn, harp, synthesizer, drum machine
Mike Campbell: Acoustic guitar and guitar
Timmy Allen: Bass
Curtis Hairston: Lead vocal
Curtis Hairston & Ullanda MacCullough: Background vocals
Kae Williams: Organ, DBX, horn, harp, synthesizer, drum machine

Engineer: Renato Cantele (not stated on the album)

Recorded at Morning studios, Milan, Italy

Printed in EEC. by Mega records 1985

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