Change - The glow of love 1980

Side one

1. A lover's holiday (6:23) (By D. Romani/T. Willoughby) (A Jim Burgess mix) [Sample]

2. It's a girl's affair (5:29) (By W. Garfield/P. Gianolio)

3. Angel in my pocket (6:10) (By P. Gianolio/T. Willoughby)

Side two

4. The glow of love (6:11) (By D. Romani/W. Garfield/M. Malavasi) [Sample]

5. Searching (8:01) (By M. Malavasi/P. Slade) [Sample]

6. The end (5:54) (P. Gianolio)

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
Executive producers: Jacques Fred Petrus & Mauro Malavasi
for Little macho music company, inc., New York

All songs arranged & conducted by Davide Romani & Paolo Gianolio
"The glow of love" & "Searching" arranged by Mauro Malavasi


Luther Vandross: Lead vocals
Jocelyn Shaw: Lead vocals

All songs played by GOODY MUSIC ORCHESTRA

Musicians (not noted on the cover).

Keyboards: Unknown
Bass guitar: Davide Romani
Drums: Unknown
Mic Murphy
Percussion: Unknown
Saxophone: Unknown
Trumpets: Unknown
Lead vocals: Luther Vandross, Jocelyn Shaw

Background vocals: Jocelyn Shaw, Luther Vandross, Mic Murphy, Lala

Lead vocal on "The glow of love" & "Searching" Luther Vandross

Recorded at Fonoprint studios, Bologna, Italy
Engineered by Maurizio Biancani
All vocals recorded & mixed at Power station studios, New York city
Engineered by Bill Scheniman
"The glow of love" & "Searching" recorded and mixed at Media
sound studios, New York city
Engineered by MHB Mastered at Sterling sound Inc., New York city
Album coordination by Ray Caviano & Bob Siegel
Album design & illustration by Greg Porto

Many thanks to Luther Vandross & Jocelyn Shaw
Very special thanks to Ray Caviano, Vince Aletti & Bob Siegel

Luther Vandross appears courtesy of
David Krevat/Ceilidh productions, Inc.

Printed in USA on RFC records 1980

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